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SCSI Adapters

This guide is intended to answer some common questions about adapters.

I have 50 pin and 68 pin internal devices what setup do I need?

You will need a 68 pin internal cable and a suitable number of 68 pin to 50 pin internal adapters to connect your 50 pin devices to the cable .

Can I attach my 68 pin devices to my 50 pin SCSI cables?

This conversion is possible but much more complex. If possible you should connect 50 pin devices to 68 pin SCSI buses, not the other way round .

Should I go for an adapter or a cable?

It depends, if you find a suitable cable then the cable will be a better option, however in some instances you might find an adapter is cheaper and still suitable for your uses

Can I connect a SCSI Device to my USB port?

Yes, USB to SCSI adapters exist and are a good way to get your SCSI Devices to work with non SCSI equipment. We are currently out of stock of USB to SCSI adapters but are looking to get some more in the near future. If you have multiple SCSI devices it may be better to install a SCSI card in to your computer.

Iíve seen an adapter with upper byte termination, what is this?

If you are connecting a narrow device (50 pin) on a wide SCSI bus (68 pin) that is already attached to some wide SCSI peripherals you will require an adapter with upper byte termination.

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